Terms of Agreement CJ Direct DBA CellBeach

CJ Direct DBA CellBeach (Hereinafter CellBeach) offers services (the "CellBeach Services") through which you can sell certain consumer electronic devices (the "Devices") after receiving an "offer" from CellBeach by identifying your Device and it’s condition and completing check-out on the CellBeach Websites. You must agree to abide by the following terms in order to use the CellBeach Services and/or the CellBeach Websites.

CellBeach uses five (5) basic Device conditions to grade Devices, ranging from "Mint" to "Dead”. If the device that you send us matches the description you checked and were quoted, CellBeach will pay you that amount. NOTE: We do a thorough inspection of every device we receive and we will verify that your description was an accurate depiction of your device. If for any reason we determine your device’s quality was less than the quality you were quoted you will be contacted via email and given a lower valuation quote. Cellbeach will notify by email if your phone does not match the criteria you selected on checkout. This email will describe the discrepancy in your phone’s condition or description and contain a new price offer. You will then have 48 hours to respond and accept or reject our new offer. If you have not contacted us within those 48 hours Cellbeach shall presume you have accepted the new offer and proceed with sending you the new offer payment in the form of payment you have selected.
  • About These Terms. These terms govern any offer that you receive to sell your Device to or through CellBeach. These terms, the terms that govern your use of CellBeach’s web sites ("CellBeach Websites"), the CellBeach Services and any and all applications included therein, which terms are located at https://www.CellBeach.com/terms, the terms of CellBeach’s privacy disclosures located at and any supplemental terms or policies that accompany a specific transaction, feature or application collectively make up an agreement between you and CellBeach (the "Agreement"). You acknowledge that this Agreement is in electronic form and has the same force and effect as an agreement in writing. In this Agreement, the term "you" or "your" means an individual or entity exercising rights under this Agreement, and the term "CellBeach," "we" or "us" means CellBeach and its affiliates and subsidiaries.
    • In order to complete the sale of your Device to or through CellBeach or to complete any other transaction with CellBeach, you must: (i) Check out on our website(s); (ii) Provide true, up to date and accurate account information about yourself and any Device you submit to us; (iii) Comply with all terms and conditions of this Agreement; (iv) Comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including all import and export laws as described in Section 15 below; (v) Transact on behalf of yourself and not on behalf of others; and (vi) Have the legal capacity to enter into agreements and to convey title and interest in any Device that you submit to us. In order to receive payments for any Devices we purchase from you, you must provide us with information including a valid email address at which you are able to receive email, a valid postal address at which you are able to receive mail, and your first and last name. CellBeach shall not be responsible for communication errors should your contact information be inaccurate or incomplete. You are responsible for ensuring that you can receive emails from CellBeach and CellBeach is not responsible for any emails that were not received by you because they were blocked or filtered as spam. You understand and agree that if you fail to provide us with accurate and up to date information about yourself: (a) we will not be responsible for any misapplied payments or payments sent to a wrong address, and (b) any unclaimed funds may be subject to collection by governmental authorities under applicable unclaimed funds and escheat laws. You agree that we have no obligation to you if any of your unclaimed funds are turned over to governmental authorities.Requirements.
    • Device Eligibility. CellBeach determines, in its sole discretion, which Devices are eligible for purchase by or through the CellBeach Services and for which eligible Devices CellBeach will provide an offer. CellBeach may terminate the eligibility of certain Devices at any time and without advanced notice, but such termination will not affect any Devices for which you have already accepted an offer, which is good for 14 days.
    Insurance: If your device (phone) requires a higher insurance value please purchase your own label and insure for the desired amount  You must have all right, title, and interest in any and all Devices you seek to sell to CellBeach. The Devices and the sale and shipment of such items to CellBeach: (a) must comply with all applicable laws, statutes, ordinances, including without limitation all import and export laws as described in Section 14 below, (b) may not infringe on third party intellectual property rights (including copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets or other proprietary rights), and (c) shall not be counterfeit, stolen, or fraudulent. You represent and warrant that the Devices are free of any liens or encumbrances, including third-party software which may not be transferred or for which royalties are due. By using the CellBeach Services, you agree to indemnify CellBeach from all claims or losses sustained by CellBeach as a result of any breach of these representations and warranties. It is your responsibility to discontinue phone, Internet and/or any similar service on your Device prior to selling it to CellBeach. CellBeach is not responsible for any service charges related to your Device, whether you incur such charges before, during or after your use of the Services. It is also your responsibility to remove any security codes that would prevent use of any Device.  
    • You Device Condition Defined.We do all we can to give you the maximum dollar amount for your device and highly value your business. At CellBeach we look at the long term and our goal is to make you, and anyone you refer to us, lifelong customers of CellBeach. In light of this business philosophy, we will treat you as fair as possible on any re-valuation.
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