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Why is Cell Beach the best place to sell your phone?

Because we will pay you more for your phone than anyone else!

What you are actually paid for your phone is all that matters, not what you are originally quoted.

On many of the other phone buying websites there is a HUGE difference between the price you’re quoted for your phone and what they will actually pay you once they receive your phone.

One thing you will notice when checking out the value of your phone on Cell Beach is that we have five different condition categories. This is because we want you to be as accurate as possible regarding your phone’s condition so that we can give you a firm price quote - no gimmicks or tricks.

Once you match your phone’s condition accurately to one of our five conditions you can rest assured, that is what we will pay you!

Other phone buying websites are purposely vague on conditions and may only have two or three categories: Working or not working is most common. There is a heck of a difference in the value of a working mint condition iPhone 5 and a working, beat up, never been in a case iPhone 5.

Some of these websites use phrases like, “we may pay up to” the price you’re quoted. That leaves them unlimited room to offer you less once they have your phone in their possession.

Some sites will even hold your phone for “ransom,” that is, once they receive your phone they will contact you with a much lower price offer than what you were originally quoted. If you accept their lower price, no problem, they keep your phone and send you your money.

But if you decline their lower price offer (often much lower) then you’re without your phone or your money! It may take weeks for them to send your phone back to you. There are even a few phone buying companies who will not return your phone at all because they don’t have to - it’s written in the fine print of their terms and conditions!

At Cell Beach we don’t operate that way. Once we receive your phone we inspect it and send you your quoted price. We want you to be happy and refer friends and family. Try us, you won’t be disappointed!